During the suspension of face to face school activities due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, DCGE is working closely with its UD Social Studies affiliates and the Social Studies Coalition of Delaware to identify standards focused instructional materials and activities that parents and teachers can share with their students. We'll be adding a new folder under our Resources tab labeled COVID 19 where you will be able to find resources. Our DCGE FaceBook page is also posting links to resources. For particular needs, send us an email with your request.

Geography Awareness Week 2020

National Geography Week was established by National Geographic as a way to educate people about how the decisions that they make in every day life affect the world we live in. Geography can be best described as the study of places and the relationships between people and their environments /endash& it really does affect us all. It is important that we are up to speed with current and future geographical issues, and are well informed to positively impact our surroundings.

GIS Day is Wednesday of that week. You can celebrate it with the University of Delaware here: UD GIS Day 2020

Mapping Hour Videos on Teaching with ArcGIS

Looking for a great way to bring some visual and interactive learning to your classroom? GeoInquiries™ are short, standards-based inquiry activities for teaching map-based content found in commonly used textbooks. They are great for geography but can be used for just about every other content area as well. Each activity is designed using a common inquiry model and can be presented quickly from a single computer and projector or modified for students' hands-on engagement. Collections of 15-20 activities per topic enhance your curriculum throughout the year. For more GeoInquiry resources, see the Guide "Getting to Know GeoInquiries".

To help teachers select geoinquiries that might best fit certain content areas, DCGE has 'mapped' the geoinquiries in the majority of collections to the Delaware Geography Standards. We've also suggested storymaps that can supplement the initial lesson.

Additional support for teachers (and parents) is available through ESRI's Mapping Hour videos. As always, however, don't hesitate to contact us with specific questions.

Enhancing Geographic Literacy in Delaware

DCGE is a group of educators and practitioners working together to support the teaching of geography in public and private schools across the State. We work closely with our UD Social Studies Partners who similarly provide support to the content areas of Civics, Economics and History.

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