Dr. David R. Legates

Associate Director
Dr. Mary Schorse
Dr. Schorse has been working in the area geography education since 2015. An environmental geographer and a UD graduate, Dr. Schorse is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor with the Department of Geography and Spatial Sciences. She has worked as a Social Impact Analyst in Trinidad and Tobago.

GIS Coordinator
Ms. Brooke Santiago

Social Media Coordinator
Ms. Mary Schoettinger

Coordinator Emeritus
Dr. Peter Rees
After more than twenty years of leadership, Dr. Rees stepped down as Coordinator of DGA. He remains an active, contributing member of the Alliance, presenting at professional development programs and developing teaching materials for K-12 education. He continues to share his love of geography with students on campus at the University of Delaware, Newark and in Study Abroad sessions.

Coordinator Emeritus
Ms. Maggie Legates
After nearly a decade as co-coordinator of the DGA, Maggie Legates retired in 2017. She is enjoying her full retirement with her husband, Larry, in Milford, Delaware.

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