Friends and Colleagues,

We have learned that the DGA has been included in the proposed state budget for next year (FY2019). We'd greatly appreciate your help in letting our legislators know that the funding we receive is necessary to continue the support we provide for geographic education throughout the State of Delaware. Please take a minute to contact one or more of the members of the Joint Finance Committee listed below. A sample text is included below. Feel free to change it or add to it to relate your personal experience with the Alliance.

While we have been limping along on limited funds this year, without funding we will cease to exist.

Thank you for your continued support,

Anne, Mary, Brooke, and David

Chair: Harris B. McDowell
Co-Chair: Melanie George Smith

Senators: Representatives:
Dear Senator/Representative X,

For over 25 years, the Delaware Geographic Alliance has been supporting the teachers of Delaware in their mission to provide engaging and accurate geography education to their students. They are the only entity in the state that can provide accurate content knowledge and materials for this mission. The Alliance has provided the standards, the recommended curriculum, assessment guidance, and materials as varied as maps, GIS support, and pencils.

The loss of financial support is devastating. New teachers and veterans alike rely on content specialists to stay current and to provide classroom support. I urge you to advocate for the reinstatement of funding to the Alliance.

Thank you,