DRC Revised -- 3rd & 5th Grade Units

DRC Revised -- 3rd & 5th Grade Units
3 Clock Hours -- 4:30PM to 7:30PM
April 18 -- Downstate Location
April 11 -- Upstate Location

During the summer of 2017, teachers gathered to make revisions to some of the DRC units. In geography, these included the third grade unit, Using Maps and Globes, and the fifth grade unit, Thinking Geographically. The revisions include updated resources, including digital resources, adjustment of content to align better with the benchmarks, and some reorganization of material. Co- sponsored by Delaware Geographic Alliance and Social Studies Coalition of Delaware.

Register at Delaware Geographic Alliance. Be sure to include your name, your school, your grade level, and which workshop location you plan to attend.

Special thanks to the Social Studies Coalition of Delaware for providing funding for this event.