Using Data in the Economics Classroom

Have you considered including more data in your classes? Using data in the classroom can be an effective way to make economic content relevant. Experts from the St. Louis Federal Reserve will demonstrate the following engaging classroom resources:
  • FRED® interactives are online modules that teach data literacy and economic content at the same time. Students learn how to build and customize FRED graphs and then interpret the data - all within the Econ Lowdown online learning platform.
  • FREDcast is an interactive forecasting game in which players make forecasts for four economic releases: GDP, inflation, employment, and unemployment. Teachers and professors can organize their classrooms into leagues. Players can judge their performance by looking at their rankings within leagues or for all FREDcast users.
  • GEOFRED allows you to create, customize, and share geographical maps of data found in FRED®. Easily access the details and adjust how the data are displayed. You can also transform the data and download it according to geographic category and time frame.
Federal Reserve experts will guide you through the many ways to use FRED Interactives, FREDcast, and GEOFRED with your students.

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