As some of you may know, the National Geographic Society has ended its nearly thirty-year support of the State Alliance Network. In addition, budget cuts to the State of Delaware K-12 Pass-Through programs has left the DGA rather short funded. However, we remain committed to the Alliance and its goals and we pledge to continue efforts in 2017-2018 to secure long-term support for the Alliance.

First, the website will NOT disappear! You will still retain access to our materials and we will continue to update it with new information as the year progresses. DGA staff will continue to work with teachers and the DDoE to enhance professional development and provide curricular assistance as we always have in the past.

I have learned in my forty years as a geographer that small setbacks do not break you; they make you stronger. Thus, I pledge to you, Geographers in Delaware, that the DGA will not wither away but instead, will return from this minor bump in the road as a stronger and more viable Alliance.

David R. Legates, DGA Coordinator