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What is Publications in Climatology?

Publications in Climatology was issued originally as a medium for both regular and miscellaneous reports and papers of the Laboratory of Climatology, Centerton, New Jersey. Starting in 1966, the series was expanded to include monograph-length reports prepared by scientists working either at the Laboratory of Climatology or at other institutions, as long as the material covered in the report represented a subject of immediate interest to scientists at the Laboratory. This policy was once again broadened in 1979 when Publications in Climatology became a joint publication series of C.W. Thornthwaite Associates, Laboratory of Climatology and the University of Delaware's Center for Climatic Research. Not only was the editorial board of Publications in Climatology broadened to insure more effective refereeing of all submissions but it was decided to make Publications in Climatology a monograph series available to publish reports dealing with any phase of climatology of current interest to workers in the field.

In 2003, David R. Legates purchased the publication rights to Publications in Climatology from C.W. Thornthwaite Associates. With the demise of the Center for Climatic Research in 2007, Publications in Climatology has continued on and now is being published by Legates Consulting, LLC with David R. Legates serving as both senior editor and publisher.

The editor of Publications in Climatology welcomes the submission of monograph-length manuscripts on any aspect of climatology for review and possible publication. Please send inquiries for manuscript submission to the Senior Editor, Dr. David R. Legates at david_legates@yahoo.com.

To Request a Publication

We regret that the sheer size of the files does not allow for on-line download. If you are interested in receiving a copy of any issue, please contact the publisher, Dr. David R. Legates, at david_legates@yahoo.com. The cost of each publication is $40US and includes postage.